The statistics that drive us

Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

35-40 People Die Daily
Accidents per Year
People Injured per Year

Our People

South Africa’s roads are amongst the most dangerous in the world with excessive reported levels of fatalities and serious injuries. The country has recently become a signatory to the global programme of “A DECADE OF ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY 2011 – 2020” which is aimed at reinforcing its commitment to improve safety levels on our roads. Initiatives like this show the commitment at a macro level to improve road conditions throughout the country; but they often fail to deliver the necessary results in real terms.

Our Economy

Road transportation is the heartbeat of South Africa’s economic growth and social development and is worth R13 billion per year. There are almost 10 million licensed drivers, most of which have had very little training and have an inadequate level of experience. The estimated cost of all vehicle crashes to the South African economy is R 142.95 billion which represents 3.5% of our gross domestic product (GDP). In comparison, the cost of crashes in developed countries is estimated at around 1% of GDP.