Our Core Values



for our survivors and their families

It is important to acknowledge the impact of road crashes at household level. Motor vehicle accidents have a major effect on families, especially lower-to-middle income households. The impact that losing a loved one has on a family is enormous, both emotionally and financially. If the head of a household is killed or severely injured, the impact to that household can be devastating. Research shows that road crashes impact household income, levels of unemployment, divorce rates, as well as income gaps for road accident survivors. Further to this, depression, anger, anxiety, and a loss of motivation are more commonly reported in relatives of survivors left with disabilities than survivors themselves.



in providing road safety education, assistance and expertise to all

The basic knowledge level of road users indicates that they understand the fundamentals of vehicles, driving and road usage rules. What is clearly lacking are the skills to manage vehicle safely and deal with changing conditions on the road in a safe manner. The actual skill level of the average road user needs to be upgraded and driver awareness and training is a primary tool in achieving this.



to our cause

All too often we talk about the people who have died on our roads. For the survivors, studies show that 40% of them don’t improve with treatment up to six years after the collision. We sometimes overlook the impact these accidents have on families, relationships, communities and futures. This campaign gives us an opportunity to truly understand the real human impact of road collisions and how we can work together to prevent the tragedy and bloodshed taking place on our roads.