Our Story

My name is Annie Bezuidenhout. In 2012, my stepson (24-years-old at the time) was in a motor vehicle accident. He sustained major head and back injuries, a broken collar bone, and almost a broken neck. He was flung from the car as a result of the impact and his recovery was a physical, mental, and emotional journey; affecting him massively, as well as our entire family. The experience gave us a front seat view to the importance of road safety, as well as the after-effects of surviving a major road accident. The ramifications were not only medical, but also, legal. As a mother, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much worse the outcome could have been.

The reality is that the accident was completely avoidable if the necessary road safety precautions were taken and the rules of road were adhered to. Being an already tightly-knit family unit, this incident brought us even closer. We came to realise the value of life and the need to enhance road user education and training for all―road users need to know how to manage vehicle safely and deal with changing conditions on the road.

In 2013, the decision was taken to establish a training centre which is currently managed by my husband, Peter. SSS ADVANCE DRIVING is built on the foundations of road safety and responsible driving.

We, like many others, know what it’s like to see a loved one hurt as a result of a road accident and we want to make our roads safer because of it.

How it Works

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